Dr. Tausha Robertson spent a decade working in private equity, becoming a sought-after consultant and thought leader.  She worked for the private equity firm lead by Carl Icahn and then co-founded a consulting firm, Alterity, to drive operational excellence, with a special focus on healthcare, for top-tier private equity firms.  Alterity was purchased by NFP in 2012, requiring a move to Austin, TX. The move to Austin sparked her interest in tech and she set out develop her skills in this new space. 

As a first-time mobile app developer, Tausha garnered recognition for innovation at SXSW and was named Austinprenuer of the year. Primpii, was the first iOS mobile app to leverage to power of social networks to provide trusted, word of mouth recommendations for beauty services. The impact she made in such a short time in tech has led to advisory roles for start-ups and organizations.

Tausha continues to use her experience in private equity, tech, and healthcare to support and drive disruptive ideas. She recently founded Ms. X Factor, a digital community for  multicultural, Gen X women. 


Photo credit: Christina Servin Photographs